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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ok, I felt like this should be a separate post than the other that I just published. Many people have asked for more details about the child we will be bringing home so I thought I should address those questions on here. First of all, we are only adopting one child at this time. Although sometimes I think about adopting 2, we have decided that one is all that the Lord is calling us to adopt at this time. We are specifying that the age of the child be between 0-2 as we feel that birth order is important and we don't want the child to be older than the two we already have. Of course, he/she may be very close in age to Hannah (who just turned 1 on Apr. 3) and we feel that that is okay. Also, we are not specifying a gender. There is a longer wait for girls so we feel very strongly that we will probably be given a boy but we would be happy with either one! This final question that I can think of to answer right now is the color of our child's skin. Yes, he/she will be black. We believe that the Lord calls us to care for ALL orphans regardless of skin color and at this time, He is calling us to adopt from Africa. Therefore, our child's skin will be a different color than ours. However, he/she will be no less precious in our eyes nor in the eyes of our Savior. We know that there will be some people who have a problem with this and we know that at times, we will face struggles but we already love this child whom God has called us to raise even though we know nothing about him/her. We know that by leaning on God we can face anything that comes our way. We know that He will never give us more than we can bear. We are EXCITED about this incredible journey to bring our precious, precious child home!

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