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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers


Need some birthday, holiday, or just-because gifts for those special people in your life?? What better way to spend your money than to help bring an orphan home and buy a gift at the same time? :) Here are a few of our fundraising events. You can either email me at with your order or hop on over to our site at to see a wider selection and order that way. We have many more pictures and items there!

One of our fundraisers is a cookbook!! It's a great gift for anyone that you need to buy a gift for: friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, the person who has everything! There are 186 recipes in this book and we are selling them for $10 apiece. If you need it shipped, please add $2. If you live in the Louisville area, I can make arrangements to get the product to you so you don't have to pay shipping. 
Our newest fundraiser is our Tshirts. They are $20 each and come in Kids/Adult sizes. They say "Adoption is the Gospel with flesh and blood."
We also have necklaces that were handmade by women in Africa. These were made by paper and each bead takes at least 24 hours to make. They were purchased in Ethiopia. They are $10 each. The colors might vary slightly in the multi-colored strands as no two necklaces are exactly alike. 

Next are fleece blankets. These are handmade and the dimensions will vary by blanket. If you'd like to know specific dimensions, please ask. I will list the prices below each picture. For all blankets except snuggle blankets, please add $5 shipping. For snuggle blankets and flannel wipes, please add $2 shipping.


10 pk flannel wipes, $5
Great for wipes, washcloths, etc.

   I also sell many flower clips and hairbows. Here is one picture but you can check our shop at for more pictures of these!
$3.00 Flower Clips - These look great on headbands!