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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why do I ever doubt??

Why? Why do I ever doubt the goodness of God?? Why do I ever doubt how great His love is for His people and for the orphans? Why do I ever doubt that He will provide for our adoption??

So this week I've been especially discouraged about the funds needed for our adoption. I know, in my head, that the Lord loves us and desires to see orphans placed in Christian homes. And I know that He will provide every single penny we need to bring our child home. But sometimes I doubt. The amount of money needed at times seems insurmountable to me. The reality is that nothing, not even $32,000+ is impossible to God.

Twice now we have come to our prayer room on Sunday morning overwhelmed with discouragement over the money needed for our adoption. The first time was several months ago and the next day the Lord provided. Today we came and our brothers and sisters prayed for us to have peace about this and to trust completely in the Lord. You see, we are not in control of even one little bit of this adoption, but the Lord is.

Then, two extremely unexpected and unrelated things happened this afternoon. First some old friends, whom we haven't seen in 6 years came to buy some adoption shirts. Not only did they buy more than we thought they would, but they wrote a check to Lifesong for double the amount of the shirts simply because Lifesong would double their check. We were blown away by the kindness of this brother and sister!

Then, this evening, some very dear friends gave us a sweet, homemade card. Inside the card was a very generous check, also made out to Lifesong. We love this couple dearly and were brought to tears by the kindness of the Lord shown through them. Thank you to both of these families for helping us bring our child home.

Neither one of these families were in our prayer room today. However, God was. He heard our prayers and He answered them immediately and so much more abundantly than we thought He would. Because these two families were obedient to the Lord with their money, we are closer to bringing our child home and our Lifesong grant has been completely met and then some!! Praise the Lord and thank you for praying and serving us!!


  1. Praise God! I'm so happy for your family!

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I love all the items you just listed at I'm still trying to decide what to buy!

    Amy Patzer

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thanks so much for checking out our blog and our shop! We really appreciate it!! The Lord has really blessed us in this journey and we are definitely growing in our faith! Again thanks for stopping by! Blessings!!

  2. Saw your post in the Congo Adoption FB group and then went and browsed your shop and found your blog link. We brought home our son from the DRC in January. It sounds like your journey has already has quite the share of ups and downs and my heart goes out to you on that. Have added your blog to my reading list and hope to follow your story until your little one is home.

    I blog at Divine Moments --

    Where are your necklaces from?

    1. Hi Tessy,
      Thanks so much for your comment! We have definitely had our share of ups/downs but that seems to be normal for international adoptions :) Thanks for following our adoption! Our necklaces are from Ethiopia. Some friends brought them back for us to sell when they traveled to bring their daughter home. Blessings!