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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gearing Up

Well the season is beginning...the season of craft shows, that is...last Friday evening some awesome friends came over and helped build my bow stockpile as I am planning for the many shows coming up. First, there is a HUGE consignment sale twice a year here called Little Treasures. This fall it lasts from Aug. 28- Sept. 8. They have accepted me as a vendor! I am planning to sell bows, flower clips, and cookbooks. I am super excited and hopeful that we will sell TONS! The only downfall is that the company keeps 30% of my profits :(

Then I just found out about a free craft show towards the end of September and I have 2 in October. Plus we have a few more events that I'm hoping to set up a booth at too. I'm really excited about these coming months and what it will mean for our adoption.

Where we are - we are finishing up the final documents we need to submit out dossier to our new agency. We still have to get them county and state certified and then we can mail the whole thing in along with LOTS of money. Then we could pretty much get a referral anytime!! Woohoo!! So we are filling out several grant applications and trying to sell the rest of our tshirts an anything else we possibly can to come up with our dossier fees.

How can you pray? Pray that all the money will come in in the Lord's perfect time and that we will trust Him in this. Pray for our future son/daughter that the Lord will already be working in his/her heart to become part of out family. Finally, an urgent prayer request for our dear friends. Their daughter is in the Congo waiting to come home and is hospitalized with chicken pox. Please pray for complete healing for her and that her passport will come in so they can bring her home. Also pray for their son that justice will be done for him. Thanks!!

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