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Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Details

Okay, I thought I should give a few more details about what's going on with us. We have switched to a new agency and are very excited about this! We did much research this time around and are confident that we are now working with an ethical agency that truly cares for the children and families they are working with. With this switch, we unfortunately lost a lot of money but we are confident the Lord will provide every penny we need to bring our child home. He has provided already for us in several unexpected ways since making the switch. We also have several fundraising opportunities/events coming up in the next few months. One of those fundraisers is a t-shirt sale. I would upload a picture but am not sure how to do that with a phone. If you are interested in seeing/ordering our shirts you can email me at and I will send you the picture :) The Lord has really blessed this fundraiser so far!! We recently found out about 4 sibling girls that our agency is trying tomato with a family. Please pray with us that they will be matched soon and not have to be split up. Thanks for all your prayers!! Photobucket

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