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Saturday, March 3, 2012

African Necklaces

I'd like to introduce you all to our newest fundraiser.
No, we aren't selling our children :) Our precious girls are modelling our African necklaces that our dear friends, Keith & Julie, brought back for us when they brought home their daughter from Ethiopia. These necklaces were made by African women to help support their families. Each individual bead takes approximately 24 hours to make. They are made by rolling up any kind of paper they can find, then dyeing the beads and putting them all together. Even though they are made of paper, they are very durable and feel as though they may be shellacked (sp?). You can wear them as one long strand (like Abbey is), double them up (like Hannah), or even wrap them a third time.
We have lots of multicolored necklaces, some even have some larger beads mixed in, some yellow, green, purple, gray/black, and 1 blue necklace as well. I am not the world's greatest photographer, and these pictures don't really do these beautiful necklaces justice :) We are selling them for $10 apiece and if you need them shipped, please add $2. These would make great gifts (even for Mother's Day in May). *IBC people, we know there are some other families also selling these for their adoptions so please do not feel any pressure to buy from us :) We love to support adoptions and totally understand if you choose not to buy one from us and buy one from another family instead!!

We are also still selling our cookbooks, blankets, hairbows, and headbands (check out our fundraiser link) if you are interested.

Thanks again!!


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