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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fundraiser Update and a Few Other Things

Well, we had our cookout this past weekend and it was great!!! The Lord provided $700 for our adoption plus I have sold about $50 in bows in the past week! We had some wonderful helpers on Saturday - my dad and stepmom drove down and Jane watched the girls while my dad grilled all day in the heat. Also, our good friend and pastor at our church, J.C., was able to come help us grill as well for a few hours (despite the fact that his wife is 9 months pregnant and they have 3 other children). Also, a couple other families from the church dropped by for lunch and made deliveries for us while they were there :) Thanks to all these precious people for their help!! Thanks also to all the Dillard's & Mall employees and our church family who stopped by and bought a meal from us to help us get closer to bringing our child home! Thanks to Dillard's management for letting us use their dock to set up our fundraiser!! The Lord is so good to continue to provide ways for us to raise money for our adoption! I have been so encouraged to see how the adoption community as well as our church community and several family and friends have been so willing and eager to help us out!

Another fundraising opportunity literally dropped in my lap this weekend! I found out about an event called "Shepherd's Fest" in Shepherdsville this next Saturday (27th). This event is put on by a church and has several arts/crafts booths as well as live music and lots of other fun things. Last year there were roughly 4500 people there. I called just to see if they had any booths left and they were so excited that we are selling bows and other items for our adoption that they said we could have a FREE booth!! Praise the Lord!! How could we pass that up?? Please pray that I can get enough inventory made and that I will be able to find childcare for our children that day. Hopefully this event will help us raise the rest of the money we need for our home study...then we can start saving for our dossier :)

On a couple of other notes, we will be mailing our application to Show Hope tomorrow and to Katelyn's Fund on Wednesday for more grant opportunities. We also have our fingerprinting appointment with USCIS on Sept. 13.

We were able to get together with some sweet friends this past week who are also adopting from the Congo. She was so kind to take pictures of my bows and post them on her blog to help us out. Her pictures are so much better than any I ever take :) Thank you, thank you Ruth!! Check out her blog at

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Filled with Praise. We are also adopting from the DRC, so I am excited to hear how your process is going.

  2. I recently came across your blog and I love knowing that a child will be adopted into your family. My husband and myself are also in the process of adopting a little girl, hopefully within the next few years. I was writing to see if you would like to do a Thirty One Fundrasier for your adoption funds? I sell Thirty One ( and I would love to offer you profits of a fundrasier for the month of September. If you are interested, let me know by emailing me at Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Tara