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Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally An Update...

Finally, finally, finally our home study is complete!!! Praise the Lord! Now we can move forward in the process to bring our child home! I felt like we were stuck at a standstill for a little while...however, now hopefully things will move a little quicker :) We are quickly finishing up several grant applications and planning many fundraising events as we need to come up with about $3500 ASAP to pay for our home study and send in with our dossier (which is a collection of documents that we send to our agency and they send to the Congo). As soon as we have this money collected and our fingerprints done (which will hopefully be soon), we can send in our dossier. Then, the wait begins - we will officially be on a waiting list for a child!!! We can't wait! Here are ways that you can help - PRAY (I will list specific things shortly), buy or sell bows for us :), host a Pampered Chef show or place an order, donate anything for our yard sale, donate old cell phones, inkjet, and laser printer cartridges. Thanks in advance for all your help and support!!

Here are some specific prayer requests:
* That we will be diligent in completing our grant applications quickly
* That we will be awarded some grant money :)
* That the Lord will provide all the finances we need for our adoption & that we will trust in Him to do so
* That some other fundraising activities that we are working on will work out
* That our fingerprinting appt will be scheduled very soon so we can finish our dossier and be on the Wait List!!
* That our child we be fed and well taken care of until we can bring him/her home
* That the Lord will use this journey as a way for us to be a witness to others

Thank you! Thank you! Josh & Kristen

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