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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Wow - I must say that the past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of emotion! Not only did we decide to begin the adoption process but also, my grandmother has been in the hospital and things looked pretty grim yesterday. I have always been close to my grandparents and currently live 15 hours away so this news was quite devastating. Thankfully, she is doing much better today! I'm mentioning this on my adoption blog simply to say that I have been completely overwhelmed by emotion the past couple of days! However, after finding out late last night, that her condition was not as serious as we initially thought, my emotions have mainly been excitement over our pending adoption...As the day went on today, I got more and more excited - you see, God has been showing me how much He wants us to begin this process. I shared a little bit about this in my post "He's Already Providing" but let me tell you what he has done today. I mentioned previously that we started our first fundraiser today collecting old printer cartridges and cell phones (see previous post). Well, the first 3 people I called to tell them about this were so eager to help!! I heard, "I'm going to send a mass email to everyone I work with and ask them" from 2 of them. I also heard, "I'm going to sit down tonight and make a list of everyone who might have an old cell phone or who works in a business that might have lots of cartridges and give them a call." Then I heard, "I'm going to call my boss, who works in another building and see what she can do." WOW!!! Then, I saw that another old friend had shared our blog on her homepage with her friends. Finally, I got permission from the owner of the pictures of the orphanage to share them with you. So, here they are. But, be forewarned, they are disturbing. They are unbelievable. They are devastating! Well, I will leave you with those tonight. Thank you for your prayers and support!!

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