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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finally a Court Date!

Well, 2 months after receiving our referral for Nestie, we finally have a court date! This Monday, the 10th! Please pray that we will pass court and that the Congolese authorities will declare us her parents. We will probably not hear anything for 2 weeks or so but that's okay - our caseworker said no news is good news :) Starting Dec. 10, if we pass court, we will begin our 30 day wait for our CONA. During this 30 days, her birth family has a chance to appeal the court's decision. At the end of the 30 days, if no one appeals it, we will get our Certificate of Non-Appeal and then a birth certificate with her name and our last name! We are hoping to travel in late February or early March. I'm attaching a picture of a pumpkin that Josh's dad carved in honor of Nestie :) Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Just checking in... any word yet? :-)

    1. Sorry, just saw this :) We FINALLY passed court on Feb. 21 and received our CONA on Mar. 21. We are moving forward :)