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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well, it has been an EXTREMELY BUSY week!! I was accepted as a vendor for a HUGE consignment sale that lasts 12 days..I was very excited about this event but had no idea what to expect...well, the Lord has blown me away! We have made quite a bit of money so far and there are still 5 days left!! All I have done for the past week is make bows. I've made at least 300. Although I did not do this all myself - I had multiple friends come and spend hours helping plus my parents have graciously kept our girls for the past 6 days so they could have some fun while mommy was preoccupied. They come home tomorrow and we sure are ready to see them!

Also, Josh was off today and we drove to Frankfort to get our final documents state certified for our dossier!! Yay!! What's next? Well, tomorrow Josh will make 3 copies of the 1" stack of papers for our dossier, then scan it and send it to our agency. Then on Thursday he will FedEx it to them along with some money!! Then we will officially be "paper ready" again and could really have a referral at any time!! Woohoo!!!

We have applied for a couple of grants and are working on the applications for two more. We also have a pancake breakfast and silent auction planned with some other friends who are adopting. Finally, I have at least 2, potentially 3, more craft shows coming up. Oh, and a yard sale. We also still have several Shirts left. Therefore, we are entering a busy season of fundraising. Hopefully it will be our final push :)

How can you pray? Well, first, we are supposed to send $9000 with our dossier. We don't have $9000 so we aren't sending all of that at this time, just some of it...hopefully that will be okay. Please pray that the Lord will provide the funds exactly when they are needed and that we will trust Him in this. Also, pray that the Lord will prepare the hearts of our children for the changes that will be coming in our family. Pray that the Lord will be glorified in every aspect of this process and that our unbelieving friends/family will come to know Him, even possibly through this process. Thanks for journeying with us!

Oh, I wish I could post pictures from today but I can't from our phone so you will have to just imagine us at the capital building :)

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