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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just a few things...

So, I'm terrible with updating our blog!! Sorry to all our "followers!" I will try to do better! So, the latest news is that we are #8 on the list. However, I'm not getting as excited because our director said that the list is simply for her info to keep things straight and even if we are number 1, there could be 20 people in front of us...kinda confusing but okay...So, she said to expect it to be about 6 months before referral :( I guess it's all in the Lord's timing anyway so I'm learning to be patient and trust in Him. After all, He loves these orphans more than we do!!

We are still praying that all of our matching grant will be of Tuesday, we have only received $1, 370 dollars so please pray with us that the rest of the $4,000 will come in by the 20th...We are grateful for all that is given and are hopeful that the entire amount will be met.

Also, we are selling cookbooks, blankets, bows, and headbands so if you need Christmas presents (as most people do), please check out our fundraiser tab. I'm going to add some bow pictures today and try to get the rest up in a couple of days...The cookbooks will especially make GREAT gifts and are only $10.

We are rejoicing with some friends who were able to adopt a son this week after waiting YEARS to bring him home! We are also praying for some other friends who are adopting from Ethiopia. She is planning to travel next week to plead with the government to let them bring their children home before Christmas. Please join us in praying that Asher and Hosanna will be home in the next couple of weeks!! Also, we have some other friends (yes, MANY of our friends are adopting) who have had a referral for a baby boy for several months and cannot travel to bring him home until they receive a referral for their little girl. Please pray that their referral will come SOON so they can bring their children home too.

I have more to share but will save it for another post (it deserves it's own post) :)

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