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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Friday, June 10, 2011

First Home Study Meeting & a couple other things...

Well, yesterday we had our first home study meeting and it went pretty well. I was quite anxious about it but it was just a "get-to-know-you" type meeting. She wanted to know about our childhoods and things like that. We also turned in some of the paperwork that we've gathered. Of course, we still have ALOT left to get together before our next meeting (our first visit in our new home) which will be on Thursday, July 7.

Another thing I am hoping for (I don't know that it will happen but with God all things are possible) is that we will be able to travel in November to bring home our child. Our director said it is doable that we can bring our precious child home before the end of the year. It just depends on how quickly we get a referral. Since Josh works in retail, he can't travel in December so we are hoping/praying for November...Our director said once you get a referral it generally takes about 4 months before you travel. Therefore, we would need our referral by July :) Which also means we will need to raise the rest of our money quickly too. Please pray that we will get a referral soon and that God will continue to provide the funds we need to bring this child home. We do have another fundraising event the first weekend in July. I am going to be selling bows all weekend at the flea market. Please pray that I will be diligent in making my bows so that I will have enough to sell for the four days I will be at the flea market.

Anyway, that is all the new news with us :) Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Louisville and Adoption Update

Well, we are FINALLY back in Louisville! We are beyond thrilled to be back home and back at Immanuel. We went to church there this morning for the first time in almost 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed it! We are looking forward to getting plugged back in as quickly as possible! I am so excited to be living in a neighborhood where so many of our neighbors go to IBC! It almost seems like anytime we go outside we run into someone from the church. LOVE IT!

Now time for adoption update....we mailed off our first BIG check for $3200 to OWAS this week so we are officially contracted with them and now we are beginning to gather all our paperwork for our dossier. Exciting times!! We also have our first meeting with our home study coordinator on Thursday. I'm not nervous yet because we actually aren't in our house yet so it will just be a meet and greet and fill out paperwork kinda session. We have another fundraiser planned for the first weekend of July. I've rented a booth at the Louisville flea market and am hoping to sell LOTS of bows that weekend. If anyone else is interested in buying or selling some bows for us, let me know :) I'm still shipping them out!! I think that's all the news for now. Thanks for your prayers!